Ministry of Altar Servers

What does the ministry of Altar Servers consist of?

Simply put, our altar servers assist the priest at Mass. They take part in carrying the cross or candles in procession, hold the book for the presider's prayers, assist with setting and removing things to and from the altar table, and serve as role models for participation in the Mass.

Who can be an Altar Server?

Here at St. John Evangelist, altar servers consist of boys and girls from our parish (both school and religious education) who are trained in the summer after completing their 6th grade of school. Unlike many parishes, we encourage high school students to continue to be altar servers, a ministry the majority of them say "yes" to.

Besides age, what are the other qualifications for serving?

We believe we have many of the best altar servers anywhere! But this excellence does require a bit of work on the part of our students:


  • We require all servers to attend a comprehensive training session currently led by our own "in-house" expert and Youth Minister, PJ Anderson.
  • The training session not only teaches what needs to be done, but teaches an understanding of what happens at Mass in relation to the servers' duties.
  • There is also time devoted to learning the proper liturgical names of the sacred items used during the Mass (such as the vessels and cloths, etc.) with the expectation that all servers will be able to minister in a knowledgeable manner.
  • What is an "MC" and how do I become one?

    The term "MC" is short for Master of Ceremonies, a role that most people only see when a Bishop is present or when there are special liturgies. However, our parish uses MC's on a regular basis. An MC is "in charge" of making sure that the servers at Mass are correctly performing their duties, and that the needs of the Presider on the altar are being met. The MC's are chosen by our Pastor and staff after determining that the server has shown knowledge and leadership in his or her ministry. It is considered an honor and privilege to serve in this role.

    How to Volunteer

    Please watch the Parish Bulletin for announcements regarding the next training sessions. You may also contact the Ministry Staff Liaison.

    Ministry Staff Liaison: Nancy Rech
    Contact Staff Liaison: (219) 365-5678 x220