The Process

Be Disciples. Make Disciples.

What is the mission of the Church? Odds are if you ask that question to ten Catholics, you’ll get ten different answers. Understandably, the Catholic Church does so much out in the world that it can be hard to pin down one precise mission. However, when we look through the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus lays out the heart of our mission pretty clearly:

“Go make disciples of all nations.”

Matthew 28:19

According to Matthew, these are the last words Jesus spoke to his apostles before he went up to heaven, a command the Church has come to call “The Great Commission”.  Jesus’ apostles, normal people, took this mission to heart and did as Jesus asked.  Although they were scared and confused, at first, they went out and proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ, which is the same news we proclaim today: that God became man, lived among us, died to save us and rose to bring us into new life with him.

Today, Jesus is calling you to encounter him and to call others to do the same. That is why we exist as Church. To help draw you into relationship with Jesus: to be a disciple who makes disciples. The Process is how we, as a Church, try cultivate your relationship with Christ and his people here at SJE.

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St. John the Evangelist exists to be a Church of disciples who make disciples that love God, love others, and serve the poor.

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