We believe in the life-transforming power of the Mass. Our weekly worship is the source and summit of our faith, giving us the strength and support we need to go forth to be disciples and make disciples.


Music has a way of moving people like nothing else can, and when you add the Holy Spirit amazing things can happen. Our music combines the contemporary with the sacred for a sound unlike any other. Expect energy, participation, and joy when we praise the Lord at SJE.


Every week our preaching team works hard to craft an engaging and relatable message that takes the weekly Gospel and applies it to your life right now. A number of our messages are part of “Message Series” which take a specific theme and build on it from week to week. We encourage you to take notes and use them for your prayer and reflections that week.


No matter who you are, you deserve to be noticed and known.  At SJE we believe that everyone matters and we try and place a special emphasis on that all weekend.  Every Mass is staffed with a trained hospitality team that will greet you before the start of Mass and help you to your seat; afterwards, join us for fellowship with donuts, coffee, and much more. Just as God is present to us we are called to be present to each other. Come experience that presence this weekend!

Weekend Mass

Sat  5pm
SUNDAY  7:30, 9:30, 11:30

Weekday Mass

Tues, Thurs  5:30pm
Wed, Fri  8:30am (Day Chapel)


Tues  4:30pm

Sat  8:30am (Day Chapel)

To request a Mass intention, contact the Parish Office.

Get involved

Let us know if you'd like to get involved as a member of one of our Sunday Experience Teams:  Hospitality, Usher, Lector, or member of our Choir. 


St. John the Evangelist exists to be a Church of disciples who make disciples that love God, love others, and serve the poor.

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