Baptism is the doorway to our relationship with Jesus Christ. This is often forgotten by those baptized as infants. When the water was poured upon our own heads, the barrier of original sin was removed and God himself stood in its place. It is a sacred duty, then, for parents to pass on that personal encounter with Jesus to their children. This natural parent-child discipleship almost always determines the lens by which a child will experience Jesus for the rest of their lives.

In baptism for adults, the priest will invite you into the baptismal font for full immersion. As he submerges you into the water he will say, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” In baptism for infants, the priest or deacon will poor water over the infant and say the same words.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

Matthew 28:19


For adults who wish to receive baptism, please visit 

Becoming Catholic.


For infant baptism, in order to indicate commitment to raise your children in the Catholic faith, parents are asked to participate in baptismal preparation sessions, be a registered parishioner for three months, and have regular Mass attendance.


Please contact the parish office to register for the baptismal preparation sessions and schedule the baptism.


Infant baptisms are celebrated on the first Sunday of the month.

Older Children

For older children who wish to receive baptism, please contact our Religious Education office for more information about RCIA for children.

Getting Baptized


Parents attend baptismal preparation (two-hour session) to prepare them to understand the responsibilities they are undertaking in asking that their children become new members of the Church. It is highly recommended that godparents also attend the preparation session. To register for baptismal preparation please contact the parish office at 365-5678. A small fee of $15 covers the cost of the class and Baptism. Fee is payable the night of the class. All classes are held in the evening from 7 to 9 PM. You will be notified of the location of the class prior to your scheduled evening.


Baptisms are usually celebrated on the first Sunday of the month. Because of the penitential focus of the season, no baptisms are scheduled during Lent. Parents are advised to call the Parish Office 219-365-5678 for arrangements as soon as they know they are expecting.


  • Any Catholic couple or Catholic man or Catholic woman who is a registered member of St. John the Evangelist parish for at least three months and has consistent Mass attendance is entitled to have their children baptized here.
  • Any non-Catholic couple or single parent who wants to have their child baptized Catholic needs to meet with the Pastor before proceeding with baptism prep.
  • All baptisms will be done by our parish priests or deacons unless the Pastor gives a delegation to a visiting Catholic priest or deacon to perform the Sacrament of Baptism.
  • All Baptisms of children ages newborn to age 2 will take place during a Sunday liturgy, with exceptions being approved by the Pastor.
  • Children age 7 and over, who have not been baptized, must go through the RCIC Program, with exceptions being approved by the Pastor.

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